Mirtec’s Venus system is a pioneer in minimalist, modern architectural sign  systems.

This cutting edge system has many advantages. Venus features patent-protected accents for customized designs and a slim, attractive shape made of recyclable, anodized aluminum. It is easy to assemble and install on any surface. Its attractive form, slightly distanced from the wall to create a ‘floating’ appearance, is strategically designed for optimal versatility to suit any architectural style. This makes Venus an ideal solution for all building environments.

Available Venus sign types:

All our sign types are available in the Venus system, from room ID to pylons, including single-sided, double-sided and triangular.

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Venus system properties and features:

ADA and braille options
ADA and braille can be featured on every sign from Mirtec’s Venus system

Flat design with clean, modern lines
Newest and slimmest system
Sleek floating design, with minimal sign frame visibility
Frameless options also available

It’s easy to change your inserts with a small suction cup.

Designed with a sophisticated convex curve of 3º which holds the insert and the cover securely in place.

Larger signs (such as directories)
magnets integrated on the back, ensuring flat, sleek lines.

Accents (patented)
Compatible with all of Mirtec’s standard aluminum accents in any position along the frame.
Accent finishes available in a variety of colors and textures; design elements for Venus signs can be anodized, powder coated or painted.

Mirtec’s standard options available for all Venus sign types
Standard acrylic backers available for all Venus sign types
Custom designs available upon request

End caps – Anodized Aluminum or ABS plastic (up to 222mm/8.74")
Frame / Body – Anodized Aluminum extrusions

Modular, standard sizes and custom sizes per request
Easily convertible with any insert material ranging in 0.5mm/0.020” to 3 mm/ 1.18” thickness
Variety of materials

Quick and simple assembly. Click here to see the step-by-step guide

Quick and simple, vandal-proof
Wall mounted signs are installed using hidden screw holes and/or double-sided adhesive, with removable plastic end caps that can connect to the wall to create an attractive ‘floating’ appearance. The Venus system is extremely adaptable. Adhesive vinyl can be applied directly onto the face, which enhances your variety of choices. It has a clean surface, with no visible screws or holes in the extrusion face. This feature adds both aesthetic and practical benefits; Its removable compartments allow for simple painting and maintenance.
Click here to see the installation guide.

Interior /exterior
The Venus system includes cost-effective solutions for both interior and exterior needs which makes the wayfinding system consistent and clear throughout the project.

Industry sectors
Healthcare facilities, universities, museums, corporate buildings, financial facilities, retail businesses, libraries and more.

The Venus system is made of anodized aluminum extrusions, a sustainable and recyclable resource.

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