Israeli Projects


The largest general hospitals belong to the state (and are operated by the Ministry of Health) and to Clalit Health Fund.

Barzilai Medical Center

The Ashkelon Hospital (now the Barzilai Medical Center) was designed to serve the population of the Ashkelon district area. This area now lies between Ashdod in the north, Kiryat-Gat and Kiryat Malachi in the east, Sederot in the south and Ashkelon in the west. The need to provide a wide range of medical services to expanding populations has led the hospital to expand renovation departments and establish new designated centers: 602 hospital beds, 60 day care beds, 40 neonates cradles, Internal Medicine Division, Surgery Division, Ob/Gyn Division, Pediatric Division, Lab Division with 24 hours lab service.

Signage to Implements Multi Medical services

About the solution

Mirtec worked close with the Medical Center and the architects to match the needs of renovation, new areas of divisions. The signage system was combined mainly of Venus and Venus slim. Also, particular solutions to Manuel boards and stuff of Jupiter. The Venus system encompasses modern design and acute functionality. The hospital's dynamic need for mobile manpower to expand services while walking led us to offer Venus as a perfect solution both for the replacement of inserts that attribute the location to the function. Includes light suspended signs as part of wayfinding. The project includes all the traditional interior sign types and numbering method for flag signs as part of easy wayfinding program. Beyond classic interior signage, we were asked by the designers to produce a solution for walls designed in the spirit of the center's concept.

Mental Health Center Maale Hacarmel

Mirtec is involved in the community and contributes "Touching the Soul" In the past year Mirtec management decided to donate hundreds of signs to medical institutions treating children and adolescents. The main idea is to use Mirtec sign systems and to give children who institutionalized patients the ability to design their environment to be involved and active as part of their rehabilitation.

The story

Mental Health Center Maale Hacarmel took it step further and allowed children to design the wayfinding signs through their paintings. The involvement and success was overwhelming and exciting for kids and for us.
Dalit Katz-Solberg, Administrative manager at Maale Hacarmel shared with us: “The painting are the fruits made by the children that are under the care of medical center for mental health – Maale Hacarmel. The painting are the intermediary element between the child to the place in the facility where he is being treated. The painting are not always reflects the realty of the moment but they are full of imagination and full of optimism”


In Israel, there are ten commercial banks, four foreign banks and two joint service companies. All are subject to the supervision of the Banking Supervision Unit of the Bank of Israel. There are five main groups in Israel that control most of the banking operations in the country - Bank Hapoalim, which was founded in 1921 by the central institutions of the locality at that time. Bank Leumi, which was founded on the vision of Benjamin Zeev Herzl. Bank in Israel is Discount Bank. This bank was founded in 1935 as the "Israel Discount Bank". Bank is Mizrahi Tefahot Bank. The bank was founded in 1923 by the Mizrahi. The International Bank, which is controlled by a group led by businessman Tzadik Bino. It also owns Masad Bank. In addition to the five main groups, there are two other commercial banks in Israel that provide service to private and business customers: Union Bank and Bank of Jerusalem.

Bank Hapoalim

Is a commercial bank in Israel. It employs about 8,800 people. The Bank Group's international operations include the New York Branch and US Representatives and the Positive Bank of Turkey. The Bank's shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The bank group operates in all of the various areas of banking and in associated activity in the capital market with around 350 branches.

The ability to reinvent ourselves

About the solution

Bank Hapoalim has been a long-standing customer of Mirtec for more than two decades. Our familiarity with the changes in time as well as the changes that the bank seeks to sustain has led us to work closely with their advertising department. The latest solution that we have created with Fascia system was to integrate the ADA regulation, the design request to carry a heavy acrylic insert and finely to complete their latest concept of "clean" "innovative" "emphasizing the new logo and colors" and most important their management methods for small personal branches in a transparent atmosphere. The Fascia system provides perfectly tailored to customer needs and includes all the interior sign types and outside the branch such as ATMs etc.

Discount Bank

Discount Bank is a public company, traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and all its shares are in the hands of the public. The Bank offers its customers comprehensive banking services in all areas of financial activity, through a network of branches nationwide and through direct banking services and online banking. The Bank offers comprehensive banking services to its customers in all areas of financial activity, through a network of 114 branches spread throughout Israel.

An online revolution

About the system

The winds of revolution in the world of banking have led the bank's designers to contact Mirtec again and receive an innovative solution in the field of interior signage. Bank branches have been redesigned with new spaces using materials like glass and black frames. The design of the spaces led us to offer a complementary design solution by Fascia in black frames and all ADA regulation aspects. As well as updating the walls used to design the concept and all kinds of counters within the complete branch of stickers, respectively.

First International Bank of Israel

The International Bank was established in 1972. The business basis for the bank's activities was the merger of two banks - the Export Bank Ltd. and the Bank for Foreign Trade Ltd. which over the years merged other small banks and the last one in which Otzar Hahayal Bank serves the security forces. The chain has 160 branches throughout the country


About the solution

A few years ago, the team of designers who work with the bank's management after various mergers wanted to update the interior signage system with JUPITER visibility and at the same time a unique solution for the bank that combines the colors logo and the reorganization. The solution included all types of interior signage. from RI through directorie5 projecting free stands.

Bank of Jerusalem

It is an Israeli bank that has been operating as a commercial bank since 1998, specializing in real estate credit, the capital market, savings and international banking. The bank provides foreign and Israeli securities trading services, and investment house services. Operates more than 20 branches throughout the country. Most of the branches are located in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv at historial sites.

Preserved Historic Sites

About the solution

Along with renewing the appearance of the branches and using natural materials such as stone glass. They chose a FASCIA with a black frame. Because of the minimalism of the sign shape the use of milky white acrylic is inscribed in black. Everything is very black and white clean and natural. The commitment to site preservation is reflected in the use of raw materials and design by the branches.


Public organizations in a variety of sectors operating at the national, municipal, military and governmental levels.

Israel Tax Authority

Israel Tax Authority - It is an agency of the Ministry of Finance. The authority employs about 5,500 people and provides services on reforms, non-profit institutions and information to employers, representatives and the public. The projects were specified for several offices of the authority.

Signage to Implements Workplace Culture

About the solution

Mirtec worked close with the authority to match the needs of rooms identification and wayfinding. The signage system is Fascia - the clean and elegant minimalist look to highlight the message and public organization. Includes sign types of Stuff Room ID's and meeting rooms. Directory provides the wayfinding direction for visitors.

The Israeli Judicial Authority

The Israeli Judicial system is comprised of three levels of courts, The Supreme Court, the District Courts and the Magistrates' Courts. The court designers have made a sweeping decision to implement Mirtec's signage systems in all the new courts that are being built and in those that have the expansion and renewal of the building.

Respect for the truth

About the solution

The designers choose to specify the PANEL/PLANAR system. The signage system was chosen because of the modern design visibility, simplicity and the dynamic need to convey the messages of the signage by the maintenance personnel of the courts without the need for an external contractor. The solution included Room ID's from courtrooms with the name of the judge and numbering to meeting rooms

Dorot Geriatric Medical Center

Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services Dorot Geriatric Medical Center
The Geriatric Medical Center is now one of the largest Geriatric centers in Israel In 1984 the Scientific Council recognized it as a center for medical training for physicians wanting to specialize in Geriatrics. The Geriatric Medical Center has 360 beds, including Chronic Medical, Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing, Geri-Psychiatric, Respite care, Hospice, Chronic ventilator- dependent, and Acute Geriatric Medical units. The institution employs 480 workers comprising many professionals: doctors, nurses, nursing aides, therapists, managers, and administrators.

Ein Vered Boarding School

A boarding school and a locked daycare center for children aged 12 to 16. The center operates an array of workers and social workers that provides an individual and group response to the children staying at the center. There is also regular psychiatric follow-up for boys who need it.

About the solution

External three-dimensional letters that include production and installation in a variety of raw materials according to the structure and location.