Mental Health Center Maale Hacarmel

Mirtec is involved in the community and contributes

"Touching the Soul"

In the past year Mirtec management decided to donate hundreds of signs to medical institutions treating children and adolescents.
The main idea is to use Mirtec sign systems and to give children who institutionalized patients the ability to design their environment to be involved and active as part of their rehabilitation.

The story

Mental Health Center Maale Hacarmel took it step further and allowed children to design the wayfinding signs through their paintings. The involvement and success was overwhelming and exciting for kids and for us.

Dalit Katz-Solberg, Administrative manager at Maale Hacarmel shared with us:
“The painting are the fruits made by the children that are under the care of medical center for mental health – Maale Hacarmel. The painting are the intermediary element between the child to the place in the facility where he is being treated. The painting are not always reflects the realty of the moment but they are full of imagination and full of optimism”
Some wonderful ideas of the signs carried out by children and teenagers.