Woman’s Hospital – Baton Rouge LA

Baton Rouge LA – in collaboration with ASI New Orleans

The story:

Two buildings, two design concepts, two fully integrated wayfinding solutions using Mirtec’s modular system – Jupiter / Orion.

The background:

With 43 years at its previous site Woman’s Hospital realized that it was undersized to meet the needs of the women and infants it served in the community. A new campus opened in July 2012 that included a 497,000 sq. ft. Hospital building and a 249,000 sq. ft. Medical Office building along with a Support Services building and a Central Energy Plant. Wayfinding was critical to this project along with meeting current ADA guidelines, incorporating an “Under Water” nautical theme in the hospital’s NICU.

The requirements:

The project required a uniform look spanning over all possible interior sign types including room ids, directories, overhead directional's, projecting wall mounted and monolith signs. We are able to provide a full wayfinding solution using our Jupiter / Orion modular customizable system. This gave the entire project one design language and coherence across the varying sign types.

The challenge:

The main challenge of this project was to provide signage solutions that are both large scale suspended and light in weight. Due to the architecture and circulation of the buildings, most of the wayfinding needed to be placed overhead, as suspended or attached where possible, yet the interior acoustic ceiling frame could not hold much weight. In light of this, we offered the solution of Orion slim, part of the Jupiter / Orion sign family. It seamlessly integrates into the curved Jupiter face style and is extremely light, even in large spans. This yielded corridors and passages that were unobstructed by projecting signage and fluid traffic flow through the different wings and sections of the hospital.

The solution:

The project utilized Mirtec’s concept of “customizable solutions” perfectly. By choosing our comprehensive Jupiter / Orion curved system, the designers were able to add accents, backers and embellishments in order to make the project unique and customized. In so doing, the signage became an integral part of the Architecture and design of both buildings and is especially integrated into the nautical theme in the hospital’s NICU.