Jupiter System

Our Jupiter system is an ideal solution for distinctive signage with curved technology.

This system’s sustainable design is built with recyclable aluminum and allows you to update message inserts as needed without replacing the sign. Our Jupiter system offers the largest width range possible.

Choose a sign type, application, and size. Click on any sign type below and then choose the spec sheet you want to download.


All our sign types are available in the Jupiter system, from room ID to pylons, including single-sided, double-sided and triangular.


1 Marimba design - JUP

Marimba - JUP

2 Clarinet design - JUP

Clarinet - JUP

3 Balafon design - JUP

Balafon - JUP

4 Kayagum design - JUP

Kayagum - JUP

5 Metronome design - JUP

Metronome - JUP

6 Piano design - JUP

Piano - JUP

7 Saxophone design - JUP

Saxophone - JUP

8 Maestro design - JUP

Maestro - JUP

9 Cymblas design - JUP

Cymblas - JUP


ADA and Braille options

ADA and Braille can be featured on every sign from Mirtec’s Jupiter/Orion system


Curved, traditional design
Brushed aluminum sign frame


All signs from the Jupiter/Orion system, whether large or compact, interior or exterior, feature its cutting edge curved technology and adaptable design. The graphic message becomes prominent due to the shape of the profile.

Large signs

Sophisticated weight distribution technology, perfect for large suspended and projecting signs.

Accents (patented)

Compatible with all of Mirtec’s standard aluminum accents in any position along the frame. Accent finishes available in a variety of colors and textures; elements for Jupiter/Orion signs can be anodized, powder coated or painted.


End caps – Anodized Aluminum or ABS plastic (up to 300mm/ 11.81″)?Frame / Body – Anodized Aluminum extrusions