About Us

It’s well over thirty years since brothers, Issi and Rob Maman, having been inspired by the rapid growth in global high-tech innovation, set out to provide a much-needed service for local businesses. Working together, the brothers laid the foundations for the creation of signage giant, Mirtec - Issi working as the creative dynamo, with Rob concentrating his expertise on being the ‘facilitator’. Over the years, the company has grown steadily and consistently, as more employees have joined, more clients have confirmed contracts, and bigger ideas have blossomed, locally and abroad.

Today, Mirtec remains a family-owned business, and since the company opened its doors in 1984, we like to think that every client has been treated as though they were also a part of that family.

Signage borne of advanced Customized Systems Solutions.

Mirtec offers one of the world’s most advanced and innovative services in the signage industry. Our tailor-made and bespoke interior signage services, including our unique Customized System Solutions, provides a comprehensive range of products, all designed to satisfy architectural and design functions across a broad spectrum of applications, including wall-mounted, directory, desktop, projection, overhead, free-standing, post pylon and many, many more.

The material specified in each of the company’s ranges - whether anodised aluminum extrusion, acrylic, or various formulated plastics - are specifically selected by our advanced engineering department to ensure perfect presentation and durability to suit each application. Our curved design technology and cutting-edge flat systems generate maximum legibility and our modular sign systems meet a vast range of requirements for interior signage applications. The company goes to remarkable lengths to ensure its clients achieve outstanding results, which, in turn, ensures those customers return to Mirtec, time and time again.

Working With Mirtec

Whenever we are appointed to a project, our staff monitor and fulfil each contract with ultimate professional care and within pre-agreed time-frames that suit all parties. What’s more, Mirtec’s Distributors are ‘Wayfinding’ consultants, each of whom is experienced in system programming and expert in design specifications, to help clients choose the best system to match their needs. Alongside these Distributors, we’ll hold your hand throughout the process, from planning, design, material specification, trial - right through to production and delivery, to ensure that final installation and application is carried out without a hitch. Wherever you are, and no matter what time of day, we are here for you every step of the way, making sure you, as a client, are completely satisfied with the end-result.

Expertise for the end-user.

As you work alongside Mirtec, you’ll discover all the benefits of being partnered by a highly-experienced signage team. Our experts benefit from years’ of experience to readily solve many of the complex problems that arise, helping you to eliminate costly mistakes, delays and re-runs, whilst guaranteeing a signage product that exceeds your requirements. Our technical specialists apply their skills in advanced signage technology directly to end-user projects, whether across the healthcare market, in education or banking and finance, for example. Creating high quality, eye-catching signs that combine creativity, originality, value for money and reliable, end-user functionality.

Customized System Solutions.

Originality is a bye-word in our industry, and one which we encourage to help set each client apart in the highly competitive world of corporate visual identification. Mirtec understands the principal that each client/designer/architect/and our larger end-users need a distinctive marketing proposition, and is therefore constantly modifying and recreating its systems to accomplish this goal on a client’s behalf. As we say, always staying ahead of the market, always exceeding client expectations and always delivering the promise.

If you’re looking for Customized System Solutions to give your contract a market-leading edge, you’re safe in the knowledge that Mirtec counts amongst the industry’s most respected and uniquely capable manufacturers. Simply contact us on the numbers shown on this site and we can create a customized system that will give you an inventive, dynamic, and cost-effective answer, perfectly matching your specific needs. Mirtec can even design programmes through Customized Systems Solution technology to look like regular custom systems, if required.


We believe that we’ve consistently proven we can create something new, something better, and something remarkable. Innovation is, after all, Mirtec’s middle name. We listen to market needs, and create fresh new concepts in signage by operating a parallel programme of product innovation along the way. As a result of continuously identifying and discovering new solutions in this manner, meeting new requirements to match new market needs, Mirtec has been able to add an entirely new signage innovation to its product portfolio very nearly every three months since its inception as a company.

Check out our ground-breaking aluminum systems, for example. They could really inspire you and help get the ball rolling on your, and our, next project.

Understanding an architect’s needs.

Through decades of experience, Mirtec has developed a useful insight into the business psyche and variety of visual design languages used by architects. On our website, you’ll find all the tools an architect needs, to inspire you for your next project. You’ll find that as your needs grow, so does the breadth of our range of systems designed to assist you.

Advanced customer service.

Looking after the customer, of course, is an integral part of our job. We pride ourselves in providing immediate and precise responses to our clients’ needs, regardless of the conditions or circumstances, and no matter where the location or what time zone prevailing. Our sales executives take the time to identify precisely each need, asking questions, listening to wants, demands and queries, and focussing on the very heart of where the customer’s problem or objective truly lies. Each executive is trained to communicate accurately and succinctly with our clients, getting to the very core of every project, and finding permanent and robust solutions to each individual issue.

Affordably costed.

Whilst Mirtec’s aim is to achieve excellence in every sign we manufacture, the company also insists on keeping our prices affordable for all our clients, at all times. We know that the highest quality available, in both product and service, is important to you. But underwriting this, we insist on a platform which ensures you have no reason to canvas elsewhere to achieve economies: our prices always remain more than competitive in the field.