Reflection System

Our Reflection system is elegant and chic creating a clear crystal effect.

This system reflects current architectural trends, with its highly polished edges and frameless design. This system can be integrated into any of our other flat-faced systems and will complement any interior environment with modern elegance.

Choose a sign type, application, and size. Click on any sign type below and then choose the spec sheet you want to download.


The sign types that are available in the Reflection system – Room ID, Desktop, Cubicle, Projecting and Directories.


1 Xylophone design - REF

Xylophone - REF

2 Castanets design - REF

Castanets - REF

3 Chau Gong design - REF

Chau Gong - REF

4 Flute design - REF

Flute -REF

5 Trumpet design - REF

Trumpet - REF

6 Elctric guitar design - REF

Elctric guitar - REF

7 Dulcimer design - REF

Dulcimer - REF


ADA and Braille options

ADA and Braille can be featured on the acrylic panel, every possible technique: milling, burning, pasting transparent material


Flat design with clean, modern lines
Sleek design, with combination of anodized aluminum and acrylic
Seamless no visible connectors
High polish edges


Body – Anodized Aluminum extrusions
Panels – acrylic with different options thickness


The Reflection system is a cost-effective solution for interior needs making the Wayfinding system consistent and clear throughout the project.
Can be easily integrated with the Venus system for large sign type applications.

Industry sectors

Healthcare facilities, universities, museums, corporate buildings, financial facilities, retail businesses, libraries and more.


Simple manufacturing process
Insert can be used as a color background eliminating the dying process.
Inserts can be changed easily with a small screw driver.