Customized Systems

Revolutionary approach CSS is an exclusive package to meet the ever-increasing demands of architects

Think Different

Little ‘off-the-wall thinking’ find a product difference and you have a marketing difference

Design Fingerprint

All architects and designers fulfilling new commissions are keen to leave their mark on each job

Dream to be Creative

As Jack London said: "You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club".

Mirtec CSS
Customized Systems Solution

The Gamechanger in Signage Design

Talking Signage

Mirtec is revolutionising technology application of signage accessibility in public establishment


Operational ‘performance’ is a keyword in the business world reducing overhead expenses


Effective, smart, but simple - the idea that has underwritten our activities for over 30 years

Improve Knowledge

We believe sharing our professional knowledge in order to create innovations

Facilities used Mirtec solutions