Customized Systems

Customized System Solutions is a new concept, developed specifically and exclusively by the Mirtec corporation, one of the world’s most innovative manufacturers of interior signage systems.

We’re the first signage manufacturer to introduce this exclusive package to meet the ever-increasing demands of retail distributor/signage supplier/manufacturers, architects/designers and the large direct end-user.

It’s a revolutionary approach.

It means we can make a rapid assessment of your signage needs, identify and determine specification solutions, design and manufacture to a very high quality, and keep to a pre agreed price throughout production that represents genuine value-for-money long term. We respond swiftly to enquiries, and make the whole process as simple as possible, giving you the opportunity to enhance your ultimate profitability - a win-win strategy all round.

Now, as we expand rapidly into North American and European signage markets and gain ever-growing experience across more and more specifications, Mirtec's Customized Systems Solutions can yield even greater advantages to you as a client.

In three words, it’s about Performance, the Price and your Profit.

So take a look at how the Mirtec range can ensure you obtain optimum quality of design, simplicity of process and manufacture, and guaranteed deliverables, every time.

Our guide to your profitable decision.

Using a simple 3-point comparison guide, we ask each client to mark their priorities, as shown below, to help us reach out to determine the client’s ideal product requirement. It’s an easy and straightforward benchmark device that highlights to the client how the choices they make from a process point of view in selecting customized systems, can work towards providing the best outcomes for all.

Quoted price may vary on deliveryQuoted price is final price
Can be expensiveEnsures optimum profitability
Recently, there’s been an increasing belief in designers, architects and manufacturers of signage, that the selection of the very best custom signage systems, when manufactured to both an unrivalled quality and using only premium materials, can contribute significantly to increased profitability.

But not all projects that look like they need a custom approach means design has to start from scratch. Many projects that might look as though they fall into this category, are actually well-suited to a compromise approach. The client wants signage that has a custom look - but that doesn’t mean design and manufacture have to start from the beginning. Mirtec can use a tailored approach to signage to get the client on the road to a very successful outcome. After all, there’s no need to make the project complicated if it can be achieved in a simpler, and more controllable and economical manner.

As a result, we absorb the very best from both the worlds of ‘custom’ and ‘system’, to create a truly cost effective, reliable production method which gives you a less complex and therefore more cost-effective result.

Right at the beginning, right at the end.

Adhering to this simple reference system helps Mirtec clearly demonstrate that the Customized System Solution choice is the better choice. It makes tough demands on us and you for greater efficiency from manufacturing facilities, of course. But it’s a proven driver on which to base the client’s initial product specification file, where we can assign a raft of important criteria - planning structures, procurement economies, production methods and premium manufacturing and assembly guidelines. Then, as we progress into the manufacturing process, attention to detail and continuous care and re-evaluation of techniques and objectives fuse together to ensure the ultimate product comes off the line at the pre-determined quality and with the original cost parameters intact.

Taking confidence from other client experience.

Naturally, we give every consideration to ensuring your margins are optimised to have the maximum impact on your business profitability. Helping to improve your own manufacturing processes where feasible, and highlighting methods by which you as a client can improve your offering to your own customers. We also give you the opportunity to utilise our case histories and testimonials derived from successful projects undertaken for our other clients. We’re happy for you or your direct clients to take inspiration and confidence from reviewing how our clients have worked seamlessly alongside us towards improved outcomes.