Design Fingerprint

All architects and designers fulfilling new commissions are keen to leave their mark on each job, creating a recognisable professional signature in the process. Visit Mirtec and our engineers and technicians will demonstrate how this best can be achieved. Whilst our skills are highly-prized and valued, we are happy to share the benefits of our manufacturing and design know-how, developed over many years, to help you achieve the very best in creativity and product application quality.

Following major research, data accumulation and partnerships with the world’s design community, Mirtec has surveyed, appraised and analysed an enormous range of successful case histories, to learn the best means of winning more and more projects. We’ve also made a significant commitment to being recognised as the leading experts in our field, by insisting every new innovation makes its mark in the signage community across the globe.

Professional relationships, profitable outcomes.

Adopting new performance and operational technologies, simultaneously monitoring, modifying and improving skills to provide competitively-priced signage solutions, means we’re not afraid to experiment and exploit adventurous new techniques of manufacture at the start of each new commission. We are always mindful of the need to deliver advanced customized solutions every time, yielding the very best returns for the job in hand and leaving the client with genuine satisfaction long after the project has reached completion.

At the end of the day, our dynamic, Customized Systems Solutions service is considered by many to be close to an art. So take a look at how we’re enabling every architect and designer to take advantage of a personal, professional relationship with our company, and to ultimately benefit from the unlimited specification alternatives available within our product and service offer.