Operational ‘performance’ is a keyword in the business world. By specifying Mirtec customized systems, even in increasingly-complex production procedures, it’s important to see how overheads can be reduced and incomes improved with each new project.

Mirtec's primary custom-made systems can give you overall manufacturing and process savings of up to 30%. We achieve this by developing operational efficiencies, on-time delivery guarantees, and the reduction in manpower requirements to limit sick-leave and vacation downtime, etc. In turn, this means that slippage caused through planning and production errors, head-count costs and schedule delays can all but be eradicated.

Specifying Mirtec means you can eliminate the involvement of personnel from your company, reducing overhead expenses as there is no need to recruit payroll employees who can deliver with the same level of expertise as us: this includes planning, procurement, manufacturing, quality control, and management, where your margins can often be eroded. With Mirtec staff, your margins will be enhanced. Plus, your team will have the capability to perform two or three orders in parallel, all of which will help increase your operational profit by reducing the number of production and operational personnel you require.

Additionally, the use of Mirtec customized systems from scratch allows you to understand and obtain every last drop of value from the product when making your order. Because, when selecting us, the cost is final, and is not influenced by all the variables often found in employing expensive general staff to carry out specific functions.