Improve Knowledge

Since Mirtec has become a major player in the signage industry, we’ve set a goal for ourselves to share our skills and broaden professional awareness of us, within the arena of signage and through our distributor ‘Wayfinders'. We believe in synergy. We believe that understanding is power. But more than that, we believe in the wisdom of our customer base, that we do not own the knowledge and creativity but are custodians of it.

As part of company policy, we determined over 25 years ago to operate as a corporation which believes strongly in social values, in sharing our knowledge base, and in maintaining transparency in our business procedures. We are happy to serve as part of a business chain which believes that there is no need to compete against every other supplier en route to building our business profile. As CEOs, owners and associates of leading players within the global signage arena, we are proud of being your primary point of reference in all things signage.

So join us, as our professional partners. Come and see how sharing in our expertise can result in a major economic edge for you.