Effective, smart, but simple - the idea that has underwritten our activities for over 30 years. This is the mantra that our company has abided by from day one. We consider simplicity as the route to creativity, and creativity as the route to client satisfaction. We accept that perfection does not need to be complex.

It is a platform which architects and designers can utilise to engender new creativity, knowing that our unique service offering and manufacturing capabilities will ensure that no gap appears between planning expectations and end-product reality.

For consultants, Mirtec’s platform allows you to obtain exclusive designs and high-quality products, custom-tailored to your requirements, whilst receiving the benefits of lower manufacturing and operating costs and ultimately therefore, increasing your earnings.

For signage construction companies, Mirtec systems enable the end-user to create their own image and print their requirements on ordinary printer paper. They will also allow the customer to make any changes needed, alter sizes and designs, whilst maintaining the original graphics, keeping down manufacturing and processing charges, speeding up operational schedules for any in-house amendments needed, and increasing profitability.