Mirtec is a leading manufacturer of wayfinding solutions. We are passionate about providing dealers, architects, interior designers and end users with the perfect signage for their unique needs. Our innovative approach to interior and exterior signs, from directories to pylons, overhead signs and beyond, keeps us on the forefront of the global market. We invite you to explore the free design resources on our website, our global services and the timeless art of sign language.

Our modular systems

Traditional? Modern? Classic? Cutting Edge?

Our modular systems offer the perfect solution for each project. Our variety of extrusion families offers all the essential designs for every aesthetic. From brushed aluminum frames to frameless signs, from flat to curved profiles, our system options make it easy for you to navigate your way through any project in any sector.

Our customizable solutions

Want a little more, you say?

Experience the freedom of custom design combined with the convenience of a modular system. Our customizable method lets you mix and match backer sizes, shapes, accents, colors, row materials and more. You can easily create hundreds of combinations that are unique, versatile, cost-effective and quick, delivered immediately with personal attention from our guidance experts.

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Our new interior system!

Crystal-clear. High-polish, Seamless. Reflection.

Download our systems' overviews:

Now it's easier than ever to compare our signage solutions and find the best choice for your project.

Panel system
Reflection system
Venus system
Jupiter / Orion system

Our Panel system

With its frameless, sleek design, our panel system is available in both a curved or flat profile to suit any project style!

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