Jupiter Accentia System

Our Jupiter Accentia system is an extension of our classic system.

This system was created as a signage solution for those projects requiring a customized design appearance without the high costs. The Jupiter Accentia system is available in diverse colors and styles, the accent bars allow for inspirational palette of customized design possibilities.


Once you’ve chosen your sign type from the options below, simply click on any spec sheet using corelDRAW ® or Adobe Illustrator® to open and download it either as is or integrate it into your specification template/ project. You can download the full Fascia set all at once or any sign you desire.


All our sign types are available in the Jupiter Accentia system, from room ID to pylons, including single-sided, double-sided and triangular.


1 Daf design - JUPA

Daf - JUPA

2 Mridongam design - JUPA

Mridongam - JUPA

3 Piccolo snare design - JUPA

Piccolo snare - JUPA

4 Tambourine design - JUPA

Tambourine - JUPA

5 Samba whistle design - JUPA

Samba whistle - JUPA

6 Flugel horn design - JUPA

Flugel horn - JUPA

7 Zampona design - JUPA

Zampona - JUPA


Accent Design

Curved design with a sophisticated look
Extruded geometric shapes – rectangular and triangular
Enhances sign design and visual complexity
Position on frame can be strategic for direction pointing and visual navigation through a project

Accent colors and finishes

Available in clear or coated anodized aluminum and wood grain powder coating

Accent Materials

Solid extruded anodized aluminum

Accent adaptability

Accents can be positioned anywhere along the frame, parallel to the endcaps